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Twist Media

TwistMedia2The Twist Media has been specifically designed to meet the increased demand for the use of audiovisual equipment within a modular exhibition stand.

A TFT/LCD screen can be easily integrated using our standard VSEA mount meaning that you can use a conventional monitor/TV.


Helping to make the Twist Original easy to use, is our unique patented tensioning system that holds the graphic taut, alleviating any problem with graphics curling at the edges. This also gives the Twist graphic the added benefit of independent levelling, helping banners to seamlessly link together on uneven or difficult floors.


Graphic widths:
700mm • 800mm • 900mm • 1000mm • Custom available upon request

Graphic Heights:
2000mm • 2250mm • 2700mm [For overall stand height inc light add 150mm]

Product Weights:
2000mm graphic height • 10.7kg hardware only • 12.2kg including graphics
2250mm graphic height • 10.8kg hardware only • 12.4kg including graphics
2700mm graphic height • 11.1kg hardware only • 13.8kg including graphics

Screen Specification:
Max weight 7.5kg • Vesa sizes supported: 75x75, 100x100, 200x100, 200x200mm

Twist Exhibitions

Twist 3 Panel KitTwist DesktopTwist MediaTwist Original

Contact Details

NPS Media Ltd

Ayrton Buildings

Forty Foot Road

Middlesbrough TS2 1HG

01642 231231


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